John "Painting an enticing picture of sixth-century Byzantium, Reed and Mayer ably evoke court intrigue and the conflict of religious beliefs in the Christian capital of Constantinople. . . . the authors gracefully intertwine John's personal history and the traffic in holy artifacts with the early history of Christianity."
--Publisher's Weekly

"The twists and turns of the plot are skilfully constructed, and the writing is highly readable. Fans of Lindsay Davis and Stephen Saylor in particular are in for a treat when they discover the work of this talented husband and wife team." -- Martin Edwards (Author of the Harry Devlin Mysteries) Read the whole review at Tangled Web UK.

". . .they effectively recreate the notorious Byzantine atmosphere of duplicitous skulduggery. . .This novel holds its Byzantine own when compared to Robert Grave's classic Count Belisarius and the two recent efforts (The Bearkeeper's Daughter and The Colour Purple) by Gillian Bradshaw. . .the maximum four daggers. . ."
--Barry Baldwin
The Mystery Review

"...finishing the book leaves one aching for the next one. By far the best mystery I have read in a long time."
Read the whole review by Ian Andrews here

". . . Byzantium in all its muck and glory. . . like looking at a sumptuous mosaic and the pace never flags. "
Read the whole review at Rachel Hyde's Crime Thru Time Review Page.

"The authors weave an intricate tapestry of characters and plot along with a fascinating look into the day to day life of the Byzantine Empire.. . a novel that is hard to put down."
--The Charlotte Austin Review
Read the whole review by Nancy Mehl

". . .filled with amazing descriptions of life in 6th century Byzantium. . ."
--Cathy Gallagher, Expert Mystery Guide
Read the whole review from Cathy Gallagher, at

". . .a page turner."
--Fiatgirl Recommends Books
Read the whole review by Erika Lockhart at Fiatgirl

"For a eunuch, John, Lord Chamberlain to 6th-century Roman Emperor Justinian I, sure has balls. .. . a fascinating . . .protagonist. . . Like Steven Saylor's Roman mysteries (Rubicon, Murder on the Appian Way, etc.), One for Sorrow is an assuredly penned yarn of familiar mayhem set against a cultural backdrop made alien by the passage of time. "
--January Magazine
Read the whole review by J. Kingston Pierce in January Magazine

"Highly recommended for its intriguing setting, complex characterizations and baffling mysteries ... "One for Sorrow" is a triumph."
--Doris Ann Norris
Read the whole review here

"For readers who enjoy historical fiction written by knowledgeable authors, One for Sorrow won't disappoint."
--The Mystery Reader
Read Martha Moore's whole review here .

". . .a historical mystery that should excite fans of the sub-genre.. . John is a great protagonist . . ."
Read Harriet Klausner's whole review here.

". . . a bold and candid look at the Roman Empire . . .a fascinating and intriguing read."
Read Brenda Weeaks' whole review here.

"Historical novels must provide enough details to clearly evoke another place and time. This one does. Historical mysteries must also cleverly incorporate a murder into the setting. This one does."
--Drood Review
Read the whole review here.

"The characters are all beautifully brought to life during the story. An enjoyable read, gripping in places and refreshingly different in its theme."
Read the whole review by Mrs Elizabeth Hamer here

"Rich in period detail, expertly paced with compelling, complex characters, One For Sorrow is one of the most resonant, pleasing novels I've read in a long time."
--Mark Terry
Author of BLOOD SECRETS (A Dr. Theo MacGreggor Mystery Novel)
Mark's homepage.

"...a twisty tale of intrigue and violence, truly byzantine and quite spell-binding."
--Ruth Greiner
Read the whole review at Coffee, Tea and Mystery.

"There's much adventure here, intrigue, and a pulsating struggle at the end. But adventure, intrigue, and pulsating, of course, are constant descriptors of the city of Constantinople. The authors have picked their setting well, even though to accomplish their task they obviously had to study much about the Byzantine Empire. It all seems so simple when it appears spread out in front of us in the pages of this mystery, but a tremendous amount of learning went into the making of it. This is a superb series. "
--Gene Stratton
A former CIA case officer and nationally known genealogist, Gene Stratton is also author of four books.

Read the whole review at

"The sense of the ancient city is brilliantly brought to life by the authors. . . Most other crime novels set in the ancient world are set in Rome or Egypt. No others are set in the post- Hellenistic, middle Eastern world of Byzantium. This book is a great place to start learning. There are two others available and the 4th will be out next year. Don't wait."
--Barbara Franchi
Read the whole review at

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