Ruined Stones cover


"An in-depth look at what it was like in England during World War II and how women took over men's jobs, leading to a social revolution that continues today."

"Reed handles the wartime setting (rife with paranoia) and the woman-in-a-man’s-world theme with equal skill. A fine period mystery." -- David Pitt

"I enjoyed this mystery, with its convincing characters, set against the backdrop of the war, as the Germans repeatedly bomb Newcastle and the inhabitants seek shelter in the crypt of the local church, which takes a direct hit. It provides an interesting look at life during the war, complete with black marketeers and criminals taking advantage of the blackout, and the prejudice and fear shown to foreigners and strangers. I was also interested to see the attitudes to women and their work for the police during the war and the hostility towards them from the public and from police officers. And I also enjoyed the hint of the supernatural through Grace’s own background." -- Margaret Freeman, Books Please Blog

"Reed paints a sharp picture of working class life and criminality, meticulously locating the story in history.... The setting is a refreshing change from the usual London-in-the-Blitz." -- Ward Saylor

"The cold and fog makes a suitable adjunct to the chill coming off the old ruins to help sustain the atmosphere of a modern ghost story."-- Chris Roberts

"Great historical atmosphere! Great characters! Looking forward to another book. :)" --Susan A. Wilder

"The characters in Ruined Stones are well drawn and quite realistic. The World War II setting was quite compelling and pulled you into the heart of the story very quickly. I found this to be a dark and brooding setting that really highlighted the twisted story line. A mystery with dark and dangerous undercurrents that will keep you turning the pages. A "Must Read" for any serious fan of historical mysteries." -- Doward Wilson

"The tone and sense of time and place are near perfect. The town suffers from despair and loss, of plodding ahead because the past is ruined. One of the authors, Mary Reed, grew up in Newcastle and knows its eccentricities. The novel is sprinkled with just the right amount of dialect to give flavor." -- Martin Hill Ortiz

"The plot writing is fabulous. Lots of questions to answer and leads to unfold right up to the end." -- Angie Garra

"This is such a good historical mystery series. reed hits all the high notes with a spunky, savvy heroine, small town idiosyncracies and a tumultuous time in world history" -- For the Love of Books Blog