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Bibliography for mystery authors Mary Reed and Eric Mayer.

Written by Mary Reed
  • Aunt Ba's Story, BBC World Service short story program,  l979.
    Death has grey eyes, and the third time you meet him will be the last.
  • Local Cuisine, EQMM, November l987 (reprinted in English mag)
    Crab-meat is not to everyone's taste.
  • Cat's Paw, EQMM, April l988. (reprinted in Japanese edition of EQMM; Mystery Cats: Felonious Felines from Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine and Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, ed Anon, Signet (US) 0451171012 ; and Feline Felonies, ed Abigail Browning, Galahad Books (US) 1578661145) ; and Katzenkrimis, Fünfzehn mörderische Geschichten, ISBN-10: 3453061667, ISBN-13: 978-3453061668, Heyne 1993
    The regulars at the Goat and Gamp pub are captivated by a kitten, but one of them has a secret agenda.
  • Folk Stories, EQMM, September l988.
    Once she lived in the mansion, but now she lives in the gatehouse
  • Or Equivalent Experience, Kings River Life Magazine, October 2012
    A supernatural tale sparked by an oddly worded help wanted ad.

Co-written by Mary Reed and Eric Mayer

Hagia SophiaJohn the Lord Chamberlain Mysteries

Short Stories


  • One for Sorrow, Poisoned Pen Press (US) l890208l9l (HB)(October 1999) l890208426 (PB) (October 2000) ASIN: B0015ACGQ0 (Kindle) (March 2008) (Sony eBook); As Åãêëçìá óôï ÂõæÜíôéï [Crime in Byzantium] Govostis Publishers (Greece) 960-270-892-1; Head of Zeus (UK) ISBN-13: 9781781850046 (HB) (December 2012) ISBN-13: 9781908800893 (Ebook) (December 2012); Head of Zeus (UK) Three Great Historical Mysteries ISBN: 9781781855393 (Ebook)(March 2013); Read How You Want ISBN-10: 1459653823 ISBN-13: 978-1459653825 (Large Print PB)(February 2013)
  • Two For Joy, Poisoned Pen Press (US) l89020837X (HB) (December 2000) l890208760 (PB) (October 2001) ASIN: B0015ACHJ6 (Kindle) (March 2008) (Sony eBook); Braille, DAISY, MP3, large print in various type sizes (2009) (Read How You Want); As Byzantium Ablaze Govostis Publishers, Greece (2006); Head of Zeus (UK) ISBN-13: 9781781853849 (HB) (December 2012) ISBN-13: 9781781853856 (PB) (December 2012) ISBN-13: 9781781850589 (Ebook) (December 2012); Read How You Want ISBN-10: 1458744361 ISBN-13: 978-1458744364 (Large Print PB) (January 2013)
  • Three for a Letter, Poisoned Pen Press (US) l890208825 (HB) (December 2001) l890208884 (PB). (February 2003) (Kindle) (Sony eBook); Braille, DAISY, MP3, large print in various type sizes (2009) (Read How You Want); Head of Zeus (UK) ISBN-13: 9781781850954 (Ebook)(December 2012); Read How You Want ISBN-10 1458739139 ISBN-13: 978-1458739131 (Large Print PB) (January 2013)
  • Four For a Boy, February 2003 Poisoned Pen Press (US) l5905803ll (HB) (February 2003)(PB) 1590582101 (November 2005) ASIN: B0015ACG0Q (Kindle) (March 2008); (Mass Market PB) FOUR FOR A BOY, iBooks, 0743486900 (June 2004) (Sony eBook); Braille, DAISY, MP3, large print in various type sizes (2009) (Read How You Want); Head of Zeus (UK) ISBN-13: 9781781850961 (Ebook) (December 2012); Read How You Want ISBN-10: 145872834X ISBN-13: 978-1458728340 (Large Print PB)(January 2013)
  • Five For Silver, Poisoned Pen Press (US) l59058ll2l (HB) (March 2004) 1590582683 (PB) (March 2004) (Sony eBook); Kindle edition 1590581121; Braille, DAISY, MP3 (2009) (Read How You Want); Head of Zeus (UK) ISBN-13: 9781781850978 (Ebook) (December 2012); Read How You Want ISBN-10: 1458728897 ISBN-13: 978-1458728890 (Large Print PB) (January 2013)
  • Six For Gold, Poisoned Pen Press (US)1590581458 (HB) (November 2005), 1590582098 (Large Print PB) (November 2005) 1590584945 (PB) (April 2008) (Sony eBook); Kindle edition ASIN B003XNTZ48; Braille, DAISY, MP3, and large print in various type sizes (2009) (Read How You Want); Head of Zeus (UK) ISBN-13: 9781781850985 (Ebook) (December 2012); Read How You Want ISBN-10: 1458739112 ISBN-13: 978-1458739117 (Large Print PB) (January 2013)
  • Seven For A Secret, Poisoned Pen Press (US) ISBN-10:1590584899, ISBN-13:978-1590584897(HB) (April 2008) ISBN-10:1590584902, ISBN-13:9781590584903 (Large Print PB) (April 2008) Blackstone Audio Tape 1-4332-1163-8, MP3CD 1-4332-1165-2, 9 CD 1-4332-1164-5 ISBN-10:1590587049, ISBN-13:978-1590587041 (PB) (April, 2010) (Sony eBook); Kindle edition ASIN B003XNTAV6; Braille, DAISY, MP3, large print in various type sizes (2009) (Read How You Want); Head of Zeus (UK) ISBN-13: 9781781850992 (Ebook) (December 2012)
  • Eight For Eternity, Poisoned Pen Press (US) ISBN-10: 1590587022, ISBN-13: 978-1590587027 (HB) ISBN-10: 1590587030, ISBN-13: 978-1590587034 (Large Print PB) ISBN-10:1590587189, ISBN-13:978-1590587188 (PB) Blackstone Audio CD 9781441726490, MP3CD 9781441726520, Playaway 9781441726551, Tape 9781441726483 (April 2010); Kindle edition ASIN B004Y1MLRG; Head of Zeus (UK) ISBN-13: 9781781851005 (Ebook)(December 2012)
  • Nine for the Devil, Poisoned Pen Press (US) ISBN-13: 978-1590589946 (HB) ISBN-13: 978-1590589960 (PB) ISBN-13: 978-1590589953 (Large Print PB), (March 2012); Audio CD, Publisher: Blackstone Audio, Inc.; MP3CD Unabridged edition (March 6, 2012)Language: English ISBN-10: 1455126888 ISBN-13: 978-1455126880; Head of Zeus (UK) ISBN-13: 9781781851012 (Ebook)(December 2012)
  • Ten For Dying, Poisoned Pen Press (US) ISBN-13: 978-1464202278 (HB) ISBN-13: 978-1464202292 (PB) ISBN-13: 978-1464202285 (Large Print PB) (March 2014)
  • Murder in Megara, Poisoned Pen Press (US) Hardback October 2015 ISBN-10: 1464204063; ISBN-13 9781464204067; Paperback October 2015 ISBN-10: 146420408X; ISBN-13: 9781464204081; Paperback (Large Type) October 2015 ISBN-13: 9781464204074; eBook October 2015 ISBN:13 9781464204098 Kindle ASIN: B013W4BEYQ
  • An Empire for Ravens, Poisoned Pen Press (US) 9781464210648 (Large Print) (October 2018); 9781464210655 (Trade paperback)(October 2018) 9781464210662; (eBook) (October 2018)
    Death in Byzantium
    (First four Lord Chamberlain novels) Head of Zeus (UK) ISBN-13: 9781781859063 (Ebook)(December 2013)

moon)Grace Baxter Mysteries


  • The Guardian Stones, Poisoned Pen Press (US) Hardback 2016 ISBN-10: 1464205019; ISBN-13: 978-1464205019; Paperback 2016 ISBN-10: 1464205035; ISBN-13: 978-1464205033
  • Ruined Stones, Poisoned Pen Press (US) ISBN-10: 1464208344 ISBN-13: 978-1464208348 (PB)) (2017); ISBN: 1464208344 (Ebook) (2017)

Mongolian ger (yurt)Inspector Dorj Mysteries

  • The Obo Mystery, EQMM, June 1995.
    Inspector Dorj investigates the murder of a Russian archaeologist found dead in the Gobi Desert.
  • The Lady Fish Mystery, EQMM, September/October 1996.
    A visit to Ulaan Bataar during the Chinese New Year leads to Dorj investigating the death of a wealthy businessman, and raises ghosts from the inspector's past.
  • Death on the Trans-Mongolian Railway EQMM, March 2000
    A locked room mystery.
  • Locked In Death, The Mammoth Book of Perfect Crimes and Impossible Mysteries, 2006, ed Mike Ashley, Robinson (UK) ISBN-10:1845293371, ISBN-13:9781845293376, Carroll & Graf (US) ISBN-10:0786718935, Running Press ISBN-10:0786718935, ISBN-13:9780786718931; Czech edition: Dokonaly Zlocin (2009)
    A locked circus caravan mystery.
Herodotus Mysteries
  • Chosen of the Nile, The Mammoth Book of Egyptian Whodunnits: Murder and Mystery From The Sands Of Time, 2002, ed Mike Ashley, Robinson (UK) 1841195057, Carroll & Graf (US) 0786710659
    Czech: "Vyvolená Nilu" 2004: Velká Kniha Egyptskych Detektivek, ed. Mike Ashley: Knizní Klub (pp. 341-360)
    Herodotus investigates a mystery involving a crocodile god.
  • The Oracle of Amun, The Mammoth Book of Historical Whodunnits: Volume III, 2005, ed Mike Ashley, Robinson (UK) 1845290046 aka The Mammoth Book of New Historical Whodunnits: A New Collection of Captivating Murder Mysteries from Ages Past, Carroll & Graf (US) 0786715715
    A strange Egyptian ritual helps Herodotus solve a mysterious death.

Other Mysteries

Short Stories

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